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Simple cleaning when you need it, or fully automated PC maintenance?

See which version of ZCleanup suits you

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Six Month Plan

Our best-ever version combines all the features of Free with the power of automation, so your PC always stays clean, safe and fast.
  • Block viruses and other malware
  • Scan for Wi-Fi security weaknesses
  • Secure your passwords
  • Get an extra layer of ransomware security
  • Avoid fake sites for safer shopping
  • Safely run suspicious apps
  • Lock out hackers with an advanced firewall
  • Block annoying spam and phishing emails*
  • Stop webcam spying
  • Permanently shred sensitive files
  • Automatically update apps
  • Install on all your devices
$ 90

35,000,000 GB

cleaned every month


ZCleanup downloads




Desktop installs per week

We asked Passmark, a third-party software testing specialist, to put ZCleanup through its paces

Powerful PC cleaning for your business Award-winning optimization for organizations

Get more from your endpoints
Customize cleaning to your business needs
Boost security and stay compliant

Click Updates All Your Software

Outdated apps are a security risk. Old software can have vulnerabilities, which are quickly discovered and shared amongst cyber criminals. ZCleanup updates your software automatically to close security holes before they can be found.

Faster Computer

Is your computer running slow? As it gets older it collects unused files and settings which take up hard drive space making it slower and slower. ZCleanupcleans up these files and makes it faster instantly.

Safer Browsing

Advertisers and websites track your behavior online with cookies that stay on your computer. ZCleanup erases your browser search history and cookies so any internet browsing you do stays confidential and your identity remains anonymous.

Explore Functionality

Main Features

Award-winning PC Optimization

Trusted by millions and critically acclaimed, there’s a reason why ZCleanup is the world’s favorite PC optimization tool! Easy to use, one click cleaning so beginners can optimize their computers in seconds. Plus, it's packed with advanced features for power users.

Fewer Errors & Crashes

Over time your registry can become cluttered with errors and broken settings which lead to crashes. ZCleanup’s patented registry cleaner clears out this clutter to make your PC more stable.

Quicker Startup

Many programs run silently in the background when you start up your computer. ZCleanup helps you get to work, or play faster by letting you disable unneeded programs.


Computers become slow for a variety of reasons, whether it’s an unnecessary build up of junk files and settings, too many apps running in the background, a fragmented hard drive or malware and viruses.

You don’t have to resort to a brand new computer or hardware. There’s a lot you can do before reaching this stage. ZCleanup can help you understand what things really slow down your computer and how to solve them.

There are so many things you can do by yourself to fix a slow computer for free like disabling needless startup programs, cleaning junk files, defragmenting your hard drive and more. ZCleanup has some great free apps that can help you.

Certain files and programs are essential for keeping your computer running properly, but things like temporary files, unused apps, browsing data or the contents of deleted file folders are all things that can potentially be removed.

Personal computers may not be games consoles, but with the right hardware and software you can make your computer just as, if not even more, powerful. ZCleanup can help keep your overall PC in good health while you play games.

ZCleanup optimizes your Computer in seconds. Making your device cleaner, safer and faster.


Inject instant speed into your machine by removing the unnecessary files taking over room on your disk drive . Clear out errors and broken settings to enhance stability. ZCleanup Boost your browser and help protect your privacy by securely erasing tracking cookies and history. Includes:-

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • 2So your PC stays clean without you having to try to to a thing!

Speed up your Computer

In a single click, safely remove the junk that accumulates on your Computer/Laptop, slowing it down. ZCleanup can delete application cache, browser history, clipboard content and more.

Reclaim storage space

ZCleanup allows you to quickly and easily remove installed applications on your device freeing up valuable storage space.

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